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A Corporate Sound is important.

A jingle, audio logo, brand sound, intros, outros, hooks, commercial sounds etc. are important modules of your corporate sound.

Create the exact mood you want your audience or customers to feel when they think of your company, your brand, your podcast, your Youtube channel – with your corporate sound.

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A jingle is a short catchy identification melody. It consists of short sequences of sounds or melodies that are mostly instrumentally and have a high degree of recognition. 

There are different sorts of jingles, for example company jingles, brand jingles, radio jingles, video jingles, podcast jingles etc. 

Intro & Outro

An auditory intro is an introduction consisting of various sound sequences and effects. It is a little bit longer than a Jingle. Together with the outro, it frames your podcast, video, or presentation.Your intro provides you with a significant recognition factor.

It puts the listener in the mood you want them to be in. It increases the tension and prepares your audience for what to expect. An outro softens the exit and invites the listener to come back next time.

*English subtitle provided – just click on subtitle>settings

*English subtitle provided – just click on subtitle>settings

Commercial Sound

A commercial sound is exactly tuned to the content you are showing. It arouses certain emotions and ensures that the listeners or viewers are put in a certain mood.

It can be used for Paid Ads, for example, but also for short clips, such as Instagram Stories or Reels.

We play in every instrument ourself…

… that’s why you get a 100% guarantee that no one else in the world has this song!


We have something for your ears!

Click “play” to listen to our sound samples – individual, branded and to the point!

Company Jingle

Intro Youtube Channel

Intro Broadcast Ad

Company Jingle

Intro Podcast

Intro Podcast

Digital Advertisement Sound

Company Jingle

Copyright of the sound

Our customers receive the rights to use the work freely, but the copyright remains with the composer in Germany.
JingLabel jingles are subject to the composer’s copyright and are registered by JingLabels with GEMA and exploited by GEMA.IdR companies already have GEMA flat rates for everyday music use, so GEMA exploits the piece of music from these flat licenses.

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